Social Media Communications & Marketing

KillerGrafix Inbound Marketing | Orlando Social Media Marketing KillerGrafix, Inc., can help you create and manage your social media presence. Social media marketing and inbound marketing are critical components of your marketing communications. This is a great method companies use to connect with their targeted audience. Integrated marketing communications combines the elements of the promotional mix which consists of advertising, personal selling, public relations, publicity, and direct sales promotion to create a customer focused message which is delivered directly to the customer. The growth of social media has given companies a new tool they can use to communicate with their customers. Some have found ways to do this effectively while most have not. Creating social business connections takes a delicate balance of content, frequency and timing to be effective. The main idea is to attract attention that helps to generate online conversations which are shared between readers in their own social networks. At KillerGrafix, Inc. we can help you plan and implement your social media marketing plans so they are truly successful.