Additional Services

KillerGrafix, Inc. will help your company develop the marketing presence you need to help you compete and dominate your market. Our web design, print design, multimedia and digital marketing services are tailored to your needs.


Multimedia Development

By using video, audio and flash based presentations, we can help you integrate your company’s call-to-action which
will help you increase your bottom line. Video and audio mixed into a website, point-of-sale video or as an interactive sales piece can help bring your product or service to life without breaking your marketing budget.
Find our more about Multimedia Design and Development.


Content Development

The content that is used on your website, mailers, or any other customer contact-point directly influences your company’s overal profitability. If you are not using attention grabbing headlines and persuasive call-to-action items then you are are missing out on sales. We can help you to focus your message.


Web Software Development

Interactive websites that allow you to update your own content to give your visitor up-to-the-minute information are driven by web software. KillerGrafix, Inc. specializes in developing custom web based software to help your business operate effectively online while still giving your own custom look. From reservation and e-commerce systems to simple event calendars, we can help you keep visitors coming back.



Marketing is the process that companies use to generate interest in their products and services. Marketing defines the strategy on how all business communications and sales techniques will be implemented and used to build strong customer relationships. We can help you define and manage your marketing efforts to ensure the marketing concepts your company is using make sense and will provide future growth. Find out more about our Marketing Services.


Web Site Design And Development

Interactive web sites with eye-catching designs will help your firm stand above the rest. While our web site design specialists help your vision come to life, our development teams will work to make sure your site can be easily maintained allowing you to provide real-time content to your site’s visitors. Find out more about our Web Site Design and Web Development Services.


Search Engine Marketing and Online Advertising

To be successful your web site must be able to be found by the potential customers that are searching for the products or services your company offers. By providing smart search engine optimization strategies and targeted search engine marketing, we can help your customers find you. Read more information about our search engine marketing and online advertising services.


Social Media Marketing

KillerGrafix, Inc. will help you make sense of social media platforms as well as the emerging social mediums that seem to change on the fly. We can help you find the right platforms that will be effective for your company. Read more about how we can help your develop your Social Media marketing.

Marketing Power

The full power of KillerGrafix, Inc. can be used when your company is ready to tackle a comprehensive marketing plan. We bring all of the pieces together, working in harmony, to capture the widest range of potential clients. From web site design to interactive multimedia campaigns, KillerGrafix, Inc. will help you to dominate and capture your market.