Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method to improve a web site’s ranking in search engine results by making sure the web site is not only properly put together, but that the presented information is formatted so the search engines understand the information that is presented. By having a web site that is properly indexed, the proper targeted audience will be able to find using popular search engines and the web site will see an increases traffic. The idea behind search engine optimization is being found in relevant searches.

Effective search engine optimization requires a technical understanding of web design and an expertise in marketing to get people to visit a site. KillerGrafix, Inc. understands how search engines work and how your prospective customers use the Internet to find the information that will lead them to you instead of your competitors. We will use our experience to help drive relevant traffic to your site.

We will work to keep your web site ‘search-engine friendly’ which will help assure that visitors will find your web site. Our web site design skills will make sure that your web site’s visitors will find your site to be relevant, attractive and easy to use. We also offer services to help maintain and improve your sites optimization with regular reviews and updates.

Advanced Search Engine Marketing

For businesses who are looking at more advanced marketing techniques, KillerGrafix, Inc. can help create and implement an online marketing strategy. We can help provide targeted strategies using pay-per-click search engine marketing as well as online ad placement. By putting an online ad right in front of your potential customers you are helping to solidify your standing in the industry, increasing your chances of winning that next client. All of this while only paying when a visitor physically visits your web site which can give you the maximum return on investment.