Online Video Marketing

Engage Prospects and Customers with Trackable Video Marketing

Video is the future of the web and for all intensive purposes video is the future of digital communications. As emerging technologies improve the delivery of video to the home, business and mobile user businesses will continue to add video marketing to their online digital media asset bank. Video tells a story like no other marketing piece.  Online videos posted to social media properties can help convert casual social contacts into solid excited new customers.

A Delivery Medium for Today

It is critical to engage visitors to you website and social media platforms and video is one of the strongest ways to advertise your business. Videos are a digital asset that you can use in multiple locations expanding your reach with little effort and cost. A professional video will pay dividends over time. Videos can be posted on your site, in your blogs, on your social media properties.

Live Video – Webcasting

KillerGrafix, Inc. provides live webcasting services to help you connect with your audience in real time. Webinars, product launches, press/media conferences and can set your company apart from your competition and help create a social media buzz that can sometimes be elusive. Bring your next event to life with live video that can also be captured and posted for playback anytime. Webcasting will increase your visibility and traffic.

Example Projects