Marketing Services

KillerGrafix, Inc. handles both individual marketing services as well as complete marketing solutions. Our knowledge and experience in a wide-range of long-term market planning will help your company maximize its coverage, when and where it is needed. Many products and services require multiple points of contact, also known as ‘touches’, with an individual customer over an extended period of time before a final decision is made. We can help you stay in contact with your potential customers by helping you to provide the right message at the right time. Frequency and timing can make or break any marketing campaign, and we are here to help you avoid these pitfalls and plan successful marketing campaigns.


Marketing Relationships

Retaining customers is usually easier that cultivating new ones. While every business knows this simple fact, very few put the marketing process in place to reach out to their ‘current’ customer base. KillerGrafix, Inc. will help you revitalize and re-introduce your company to those who should know you best. We can help you create inbound marketing strategies that work with social media marketing as a simple way to keep customers engaged, and better yet, referring your information to their social networks. These same tools can also help give your current customers a simple and effective method of giving you essential feedback to help make your products, services, or company better.


Making the Time

Many businesses neglect their marketing efforts because they simply do not have the time to manage an effective campaigns. Our marketing schedule allows you to see step by step when services will be completed, and for how much, taking the guess work and frustration out of advertising.