The cost of a web site depends on many variables. It can depend on factors such as the intensity of the design, content development, deployment time, maintenance, functionality, search engine strategies, video integration and marketing.

The surprising issue is that over a three year period, 87% of the cost of having a professional web site is the cost that is attributed to site maintenance and updates.

In the early days we developed our own KillerAdmin software to provide maintenance solutions for our clients. This helped them save time and money but also helpe to give them an edge over competitors with static sites. In the fast paced marketing environment of Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Haven and Tampa, the ability to make adjustments to your own website on the fly was critical to staying ahead of your competition. Over the past couple of years we have migrated most of our sites to the WordPress Content Management System to make it even easier for you to update and to help you take advantage of responsive professional designs.

Since we have Migrated to WordPress we can now offer three page custom designed sites starting at $495.00. Prices go up depending on content, graphic needs, and if more advanced software is needed.

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