Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answer to many of the questions we hear. From web design and marketing question to e-mail setups, you should be able to find what you are looking for. If you have a question that you do not see an answer to here, feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are always ready to help.

Print Design FAQ (1)

When working with printed items, what does bleed mean?

Bleed is a process to where printers need an area outside of the final trim area. Bleed was first developed as a “catch all” for paper cutter operators where computerizationa and consistent accuracy by the equipment used was not there. Today, programmed cutting is commonplace in commercial printing.

There are two terms you need to know so we may talk the same printing lingo. “Final trim area” and “Live area”

Final Trim area ? This refers to the final size of the printed item. So a business card is 3.5″x2″ final trim area. Or, a 1/2 pager is 5.5″x8.5″ final trim area.

Live area ? This refers to the area where type should be inside the final trim area. We ask that the live area be 1/8 to a 1/4″ from the final trim area. Example: if a 1/2 pager has a final trim area of 8. 5″x5.5″ the live area should be 8.25″x5.25″. This ensures good balance with the printed product and prevent the possibility of cutting type when final trimmed.

Web Design FAQ (8)

How do I know if my business needs a web site?

Your business or organization needs a web site if you want to advance with the new economy. In today?s electronic world, having a professional web presence is vital to all of your marketing efforts. A web site with an e-Business focus can enhance current promotion, present accurate pricing and product information, and provide an additional cost-effective means of distribution.

As your customer base continues to become better familiarized with technology, their wants and needs will change. Not only will they want the companies that they frequent to be on the web, they will want that web presence to provide them with all of the information they need. The most effective strategy for your organization is to be prepared for this expanding market.

What else can a web site do for my organization?

A web site can do more than just provide an additional marketing avenue and a place for customers to purchase from you. You can use it to collect customer information, gather feedback about your organization, keep customers up to date by e-mail, enhance your customer service lines of communication, link to partners, and much more.

Of course many of these advanced applications are made possible by using our KillerWare software packages. By giving you the ability to manage your site information, you will easily achieve more of an advanced web presence.

How much will a web site cost?

The cost of a web site depends on many variables. It can depend on factors such as the intensity of the design, content development, deployment time, maintenance, functionality, search engine strategies, video integration and marketing.

The surprising issue is that over a three year period, 87% of the cost of having a professional web site is the cost that is attributed to site maintenance and updates.

In the early days we developed our own KillerAdmin software to provide maintenance solutions for our clients. This helped them save time and money but also helpe to give them an edge over competitors with static sites. In the fast paced marketing environment of Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Haven and Tampa, the ability to make adjustments to your own website on the fly was critical to staying ahead of your competition. Over the past couple of years we have migrated most of our sites to the WordPress Content Management System to make it even easier for you to update and to help you take advantage of responsive professional designs.

Since we have Migrated to WordPress we can now offer three page custom designed sites starting at $495.00. Prices go up depending on content, graphic needs, and if more advanced software is needed.

How long will it take to get my site up and running?

Our goal for most sites is between 7 to 14 business days. This depends on the size of your site, software customization, and design issues, and other factors. Most basic sites can be easily accomplised in this time.

KillerGrafix, Inc. will outline a firm development schedule for your project so you will know how long it will take to deploy. As a result of our pre-built software packages and development team specialists, we can typically deploy your web site quickly.

To help streamline the development process we have created our own project management and scheduling software that will give you instant results on where your project stands. When you become a client of KillerGrafix, Inc., you are considered part of the design team on your project. You will have tasks assigned to you from time to time during the development, such as providing content or photographs. With KillerPort you will always know what is needed and what has to be done.

Does KillerGrafix provide photography services?

Yes. This does depend on the project. We offer product, portrait and element photography in-house that is suitable for most projects. If the projects are extremely large or the photography needs will hamper the web design process, the we prefer to work with other industry professionals. This allows us to keep our focus on making sure the web site does not take a back seat and the projects are done on time.

Does KillerGrafix provide videography services?

Yes. Just like our photography services, this depends on the project. We offer online video development and marketing in-house that is suitable for most projects. This includes additional video work to compliment social media sites and blog content. If the projects are extremely large or the video needs will hamper the web design process, the we prefer to work with other industry professionals. This allows us to keep our focus on making sure the web site does not take a back seat and the projects are done on time.

How long has KillerGrafix been developing websites.

KillerGrafix, Inc. was established in 1996 and has been developing web sites since the beginning. It has been an exciting market with many changes along the way. We have always enjoyed helping businesses define their online and offline branding and marketing and we plan to continue to help our clients grow.

Can you help me write content for my website?

Yes. If you are worried about being able to come up with content for your website, we can include copy writing and editing in our proposal. This may extend the amount of time it takes to complete you site, but the payoff is usually better conversions and SEO. We not only try to create content based on what will help trigger a ‘Call to Action’ but we also make sure to work keywords into the writing. For example, since we are a web site design firm in the Central Florida area, we would use terms like “Orlando web site design”, “Kissimmee website design” and even “Winter Haven web site design”.