3 Fresh Content Tips

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FreshCreating fresh content on your website is important for many reasons. One of the first rules of improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to provide interesting, quality and relevant content. As Google would say, “Interesting sites will increase their recognition on their own.” The tough part for most website owners is trying to develop new content on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways we have found for our own site, and the sites of our clients, is to develop articles based on topics we have talked about at networking meetings. This article was actually inspired by several discussions we have had with potential clients over the past couple of weeks who were having a hard time developing fresh blog articles for their websites. Great website designs still need content to fill them out. While not all of the following tips might fit, we hope you can find a tip that works for you.

Website Content Creation Tips

  1. Everyday Conversations. As we stated above, create content based on what you talk about everyday. If you spend several conversations during the week on the same topic, there is a good chance it will make great content that people will want to read. Posts based on “recent discussions” can lead to trending information that visitors are searching for. There is also always a great chance other blog editors will want to direct their visitors to your content because they are hearing the same questions. This can lead to even more traffic for you.
  2. Not all at once. The trend for many is still to produce long involved posts that just beat the reader into submission. We have found that in today’s fast paced 140 character limited, media overload world, most people will read a couple of lines and move on. Keep it short and look at ways to stretch one article into many. If the content is great, don’t scrap it, just break it into easily digestible parts over the course of a few days or weeks.
  3. Seasonal Content Works. Most businesses still experience seasonal trends. Dry Cleaners may do more household linens during the fall and winter. Air conditioning companies may provide more repair service in the dead of summer. Create relevant and time conscious content by simply looking at the calendar. Time sensitive content is also critical for your social media following. Social media operates in real time which makes it perfect for events, new products, and even welcoming new hires.

Drive Traffic

Make sure not to forget to post information about your new content into your social media. Make sure to let your followers know that you have added more relevant information to your site. Providing a link to your content can help drive traffic, and let the engines know there is new content to crawl. Don’t forget to make sure your articles have unique titles and descriptions for the engines to index.

We hope these tips help when it comes time to post your next article. The idea is to keep the conversation going with fresh new content.

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