20 Years and Counting!

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5 Small Business Tips On Our 20th Year Celebration

20-years-logoAt KillerGrafix, Inc. We are grateful to be celebrating 20 years of business success! The times sure have changed since 1996, and as we mentioned in our last post about keeping your marketing fluid and adaptable, there has never been a better time for Internet Marketing.

From a home-based start-up founded what seems like forever ago, we have grown into a seasoned web site design and Internet marketing firm that works to help our clients establish their own space on the web. Our designs and the technology may have changed over the past 20 years, but our commitment to our clients has not. We firmly believe that this has been the key to us being successful for so many years. Our ongoing growth would not be possible without the support of the more than 500 customers who have relied on us over the years. Looking back, this is what humbles us the most.

As we reflect on the early days of the business, we remember having more passion and enthusiasm than we did an understanding of what lay ahead. The idea itself was simple: help businesses create their web presence and marketing in an environment which was considered a fad at the time. We worked hard and helped company after company succeed. There was a lot of trial and error back then, but as the digital world grew, we were able to grow and learn with it. Let’s face it, the terms mobile-friendly, hashtag, selfie didn’t exist back then. For those of you reading this who are considering starting your own business or who have just launched their venture, let us offer you a few simple tips we’ve learned over time:

1) Work hard to make yourself better everyday.

This may be the toughest tip to follow and live up to because it takes hard work. Sometimes it may not even seem possible, but try to improve on every job and project. Always push the envelope. Try new strategies, technologies and always continue to educate yourself and your team. In the digital world, sticking to what works will get you lapped by the competition. Nothing you do today will be good enough for the market tomorrow. Never limit your potential of success.

2) Don’t let your ego hold you back.

If it frustrates you when a new client does not yet trust your expertise, do not do the same thing to the the professionals you hire. Under a watchful eye, let the vendors and professionals you hire do their thing to help move you forward.

3) Consider the work you do as part of your marketing budget.

A famous quote by Roger Staubach is “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” The extra effort you put into your work today can pay off even bigger dividends tomorrow. If you spend four extra hours on a project that just knocks the socks off of your client, consider that an investment in your marketing efforts. There have been many times over the past 20 years that the time we put into one project would turn into 5 or 6 other projects where we would easily recoup the cost of the original time spent. Always remember that the more difficult work becomes, the more it is sought after.

4) Be as excited about the success of your clients as your are of your own.

Your clients will notice and appreciate when you take a genuine interest in their business and their success. Many companies focus on obtaining awards and accolades, which are of course nice, but the real reward is when your hard work translates into success for your clients.

5) Educate yourself to excel.

Never stop learning. Continue to educate yourself on your industry. Read books, go to seminars, and attend webinars and soak up everything you can. There is always more to learn. There are also times you need to make a choice if you are going to follow a new trend or not. You will have a much better chance of making the correct choice if you have been educating yourself along the way.

As far as what the next 20 years holds, we’ll have to let you know. Until then, let’s learn from each other, grow together, and be better than we were yesterday.

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